• Popcorn Tubs

    Popcorn Tubs

  • Popcorn Containers

    Popcorn Containers

  • Icecream/ Nuts - Football Helmet

    Icecream/ Nuts - Football Helmet

  • Squared Elegantware Bowls

    Squared Elegantware Bowls

  • Icecream/ Nuts - Cowboy Hat

    Icecream/ Nuts - Cowboy Hat

  • Hot Dog Boats

    Hot Dog Boats

  • Coffee Cups

    Coffee Cups

  • Rounded Elegantware Deluxe Bowls

    Rounded Elegantware Deluxe Bowls

  • Platters


  • Enclosed Containers

    Enclosed Containers

  • Hard Plastic Translucent Cups

    Hard Plastic Translucent Cups

  • Rounded Elegantware Plates

    Rounded Elegantware Plates

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Marquis is an industry leader in manufacturing and distribution of superior disposable service ware products. We are located in the Greater Houston Area, 4th largest city in the country.

Marquis has experienced tremendous growth since 2006. The key elements of our success has been customer service and quality products.
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